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. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day and we have them, right this minute. a lot of things can go wrong in a tandem skydive but this one -- >> you wouldn't predict. >> how pulling a chute got him a shoe and then something really weird happened. a gunman tries to hold up a mother/daughter duo. >> daughter says i am not giving up. >> see the high-caliber drama when the gun changes hands. it's a video getting big buzz.
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>> in the world of moms with young children. >> meet the busy lady who's telling it straight on youtube. >> want a new ipad mini. we have the buzzword. a guy goes down to the dock. >> check out what shows up? >> the odd ball visitor who can use drink. >> i think it's safe toit comesy occupational hazards, a tandem skydiving instructor there's probably a few, right? what you're about to see, one wouldn't predict. this is brian dun. he works for sydney sky diving. this is in sydney australia. you can see this jump going well. he's got this girl. as you watch this is kind of fun to watch the girl because she's controlling her breathing and not freaking out. finally pulls the chute. watch this.
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>> was that a shoe? >> yes. her shoe. watch it in slow motion. >> it looks like it hit him in the face. >> in the faces. >> and she catches it? >> she caught it. >> wow. >> that's really fast and clever of her like super fast. >> her foot comes up, shoe knocks the guy in the head and she's like i got it. >> this is awesome. >> he's as surprised as all of us. >> oh, my god. >> you caught it? >> what? >> the shoe flung off her foot. hit me in the face. and she caught it. this is the most impressive tandem that's ever happened. >> i want to go skydiving with this dude. >> high five.
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>> it's awesome when thieves and would-be robbers mess with the wrong people. check this guy out in new mexico, this thief dressed in blue points a gun at the clerk behind the counter with her mother and as he's doing this the clerk pretends she's going to grab the money but instead grabbing a knife. >> the clerk? >> yeah. so suddenly they start struggling, mom and daughter start struggling with the thief pointing a gun at them. you see right here they get really into it. they grabs the knife from the daughter. the mom grabs the gun from him. >> whoa. >> and right here you see that the mom points the gun at him and pulls the trigger several times. >> what? >> except the gun didn't go off because that was a fake gun. >> oh. >> the problem now is that he now has the knife. >> yeah. >> and they have nothing. he goes behind the counter. mom runs out the door to ask for
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help. he goes behind the counter to try to get the cash from the register. daughter says, i am not giving up. continues to fight him. mom comes back. they both tackle the guy. they fight him out of the store. he got away with nothing. >> wow. this is a brave couple of ladies, man. i wouldn't mess with them, but gosh, i wish they would have known that gun was -- how would you know? >> you wouldn't. >> hard to assess that in that amount of snim you have to believe they're fighting for each other. the mother probably doesn't want her daughter to get hurt and vice versa and probably where their fight came from. didn't want a family member getting hurt. >> right. >> i tell you guys i have a helmet cam video from a motorcyclist in russia. i think you probably think this is going to be an ugly video. >> change those perceptions with this video. motorcyclist, helmet cam,
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crowded streets in russia up ahead, a blind elderly man trying to cross the street. doesn't appear he's in any kind of pedestrian crosswalk. traffic speeding by him. this motorcyclist finds it in his heart and stops and makes a road block with his bike. calls out to the man and just gives him a traffic break and helps him across the street. >> this guy just was kind enough to help and did you see the smile on that man's face? >> the sad part is, while this motorcyclist is helping him you hear other cars beeping their horns. >> i'm mad at the rest of this town. why this guy? he was clearly out there a little bit of time sfoo gave him like a moving barricade escort. >> hey, everybody. we're celebrating the end of the week giving away another ipad mini. >> you will need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter
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account don't worry it's easy to create one. >> you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini giveaway in a little bit. >> if you have friends who have kids and don't have kids you may feel like that friend isn't hanging out with you anymore, the friend is too busy. >> i know i haven't texted you back -- the 12 seconds it takes my kid literally does this. that's on the floor. >> a mom has finally addressed this issue honestly. >> what's your day? >> tomorrow, post-nap or prenap. name a time. great. kids will be sleeping. fap time is the gold hour i need to shower an clean up shredded cheese. >> this is elle walker posted on a what's up mom youtube channel. >> and i think she does a spectacular job of explaining what's going on in the world of
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moms with young children. >> you're here. i'm not closing the door on you. that's my today mer. she has a lot of nrg. i have to go half on these conversation or she will melt down in front you. i'm stressed but i'm listening. no. i'm thinking about the free time you have. you can leave her, drive to vegas a and see britney spaers or take a nap. >> we have elle walker right this minute. welcome to the show. who is your little one? >> hi, guys. i'm going to have to get back to you about the conversation because look who just joined me. i was not expecting this. this is kesly and my son is ford. >> were you getting grief from your friends? is that what made you create this video? >> not at all. they've been great. however i was feeling very guilty. my husband would say, have you seen thatter. ? i'm like oh, my gosh, i was supposed to send her a text like a week ago. i figured i'd make a video and send it. it would be easier.
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>> [ inaudible ]. >> hang on. i have a babysitter here but she didn't know i was doing this. can i drop kes off? is that absolutely. >> give me one second. ♪ >> sorry, guys. >> i am so sorry. that is like how my life is. anyway. >> has this video helped clarify your issue to your friend? have they said, thanks, now i get it? >> what this video has done is tell me i'm not alone. i've got a lot of moms reaching out saying that's my life. it's comforting to know you're not the only crazy one out there. >> do you have advice for women thinking about becoming moms? >> don't let my video scare you. it is so much joy. >>s kesly so disgusting. >> dude picked the wrong place to do a naked starfish. >> do you call the police or call mr. muscle. >> see how the brawney handles
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the krahneny. >> and monkey is getting artsy. >> look at drive, the vision, this is part of the new school of art, right? >> the masterpiece that's truly a monkey's taste. sofa... desk...
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you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. giveaway. look at this video that omaha police have released from inside a check cashing store. you hear the cries of the only girl working in the school.
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>> where is it? >> it was -- >> she's obviously terrified because she's being led into the back room by two masked gunmen trying to rob this place. they assure her, though, they're not going to hurt her but they once the money from the safe. >> the safe -- >> i don't know how to open it. the only person that knows how to open it is my manager. >> she repeatedly tells these guys she has no ability to get to the safe. they terrify the girl they say -- >> if you're lying we're coming to your house. >> i swear i'm not lying, sir. >> where's the cash at? >> they take her to couple different cash registers trying to empty it out. but they're not getting it out. >> we won't kill you. >> they press her on the issue of the safe. she assures them she's not lying. >> we're not going to do anything to you. if you're lying, find out you're lying, we're coming back at you. >> they do give up. they do not harm her. and leave the store.
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>> she can't go back to work after that. >> got to get a new job. >> how do you emotionally recover from that? >> what aisle does walgreens keep the extra strength crazy. >> are you serious right now. >> this is my land. i can fly a helicopter. >> according to the guy who posted this video it was regular saturday night and this guy walked into the walgreens naked. grabbed a coke out of the fridge, took a swig. >> don't make me fight you forever. >> and then laid down on the floor refusing to leave. do you call the police or do you call mr. muscle? >> no! >> mr. muscle is right here. >> there he is. >> he's like let me get a picture first. >> his name tag so they knew. >> mr. muscle is a hollywood local steps up initially and thinks i don't want to deal with this guy. the guy does stand up. >> you don't want to hit mr. muscles. >> couple wiry punches.
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obviously no match. >> out of the store now. >> oh! >> now i feel sorry for the guy. like he's -- he's just a naked messed up guy. >> screaming jennifer love hewitt as he's getting kicked. >> get out. mr. muscle grabs him by the ankles. >> after the guy was dragged outside he apparently grabbed a dog on a leash and walked away. >> what's wrong with him? he needs help. >> he does. hopefully he found it. >> do not come back here. >> when somebody first looks at this picture they think it would be like by a kindergartner or small child playing with mom's crayons or pins. it was monkey who did this artistry. let's go back to the video. given first time ever and paper. >> this is awesome to see the monkey with the markers doing a nice job actually. >> goojob. yeah. >> i think he should be called
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monkey pollish. that is polish. >> the fact he wants to draw or should eat it. >> you got it on your face. you really get into your work, buddy. >> look at the drive, the vision. part of the new school of art, right? >> it provokes emotion, this painting, this drawing. >> good boy. >> from a monkey trying to be an artist to a newborn lamb right after it learns to walk. this is this lamb's first step. >> oh. >> finally. >> baby did it. >> he gets up. but watch what happens next. >> oh. he just fell right back down. >> he does have a little -- because it is the first time standing you. >> so adorable. >> so cute. >> an amazing journey across some of the most rugged land you've ever seen. >> lot of people say you're crazy and then your next buddy says i want to go. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- vertical video is pretty annoying so
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now -- >> maybe time for a sweet jingle like this. ♪ please just turn your phone 90 degrees ♪ >> what the sweet songstress will do if you ignore the 90-degree rule. >> a birthday cake entrance goes awry. >> whhow do you do that? >> two hands. >> and don't miss friday's buzzword for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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closed captioning provided by -- it's designed to help clean around braces, frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. birth day parties are awesome and in this one, in somebody's backyard, you see it's cake time. look at this lady with this pretty nice cake. the mar yach chi playing the spanish "happy birthday" song. watch the cake. >> what was she thinking?
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>> how do you do that? >> she wasn't holding the base. as she was taking it where she was going she tilted it enough to drop it. >> swinging it around like she was holding a bottle of soda or something. two hands. >> fortunately no one seems to be too upset. everybody is cracking up at what happened. >> do you take the cardboard off and eat the top layer that didn't touch the ground yet? >> what a depressing way to end your birthday party. grab a fork and gather around and let's eat the cake off the ground. >> you do it with pinatas. >> there's a pinata there. you can pretend it fell out of the pinata. >> there you go. >> dino's new boots. ♪
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♪ >> i have some new boots. >> you guys know one of my hugest pet peeves vertical video. i've taken it upon myself to change the minds of people out there. you can't see as much vertically as you can. you wouldn't know gayle is sitting flebs to me. i've tried everything. nothing has worked. it's time for a sweet jingle like this called "turn your phone 90 degrees." ♪ i think it's time to break it to you slowly ♪ ♪ there's something wrong with the way you're holding your phone ♪ >> her friend helping her out, holding the phone vertically, ruining her music video. ♪ could you please just turn your phone 90 degrees ♪
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♪ when you hold it horizontally ♪ >> this could be your theme song your ring tone. i this the girl whodon't care" ♪ i don't care about your snap chat i don't even know why i use it ♪ >> yes. i remember her. that song still stuck in my head forever ago. >> maybe that will help people keep their phone 90 degrees and if you don't -- ♪ i'll break your knees >> oh. >> oh. >> i was not expecting that. >> that's how serious this issue is. we get facebook messages saying why do you put the black bars on the side? >> we don't. >> why are you doing the picture in picture it's messing with my eyes. >> we try to fill up the black voids. the way to avoid annoying you is turn your phone 90 degrees. >> right. >> if you don't i'll break your
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knees. . all right. everybody, time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> you will need a twitter account. if you don't have one it's easy to create one when you enter. >> enter at and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter today's buzzword. >> the buzzword for friday is mutant. >> get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter friday's buzzword, mutant, that's mm-u-t-a-n-t. >> and don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> there's something thirsty in the water. >> what is happening? what is this? >> weird he's drinking -- can he not just drink the water? >> exactly. >> see what stopp
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i want to tell you about a unique group of people.
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these people all love their dentist. they also have one other thing in common... we helped them find that dentist. because finding a dentist that you'll be comfortable going to, that you trust, is hard. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist and we can do the same for you. so don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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call 1-800-dentist today. >> that's awesome. >> and got an aerial view of his proposal. how often do you see that? >> says back off. ♪
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♪ going to play a little game of best guess. best guess of what's in the water. >> i'm down here fileting fish at my dock and check out what shows up. >> what is happening? what is this? >> that is a walrus or manatee. >> holy crap. >> it is. >> a manatee? >> it's a manatee. this is jupiter, florida, this manatee is drinking from the hose or we call it in the south a hose pipe. >> oh. >> weird he's drinking. can he not just drink the water? >> exactly. you would think. the manatee is swimming around in the water. chooses to drink the water from the hose pipe. our friend robert posted this video on his site deer meat for dinner. he was out cleaning fish. his hose pipe was running into the water and suddenly he saw
9:28 am
his manatee drinking from the hose. >> how did he find it? how did he discover that water tastes better than the billions around me. >> robert even said when he posted this video, does it say something about the water quality surrounding this manatee that this manatee chooses to drink from a hose rather than the wate around him. >> it's dock and turn and that's what you see. >> this is my favorite video probably ever. hilarious a manatee would choose to drink from a hose. >> i love him. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." cops in a jersey neighborhood know we got a situation on our hands. >> people on one side of the street, people on the other side. cars trying to get out of the way. >> see how many things can go wrong on one street. >> and 11-year-old grabs a glock. >> and she is firing at a story. >> the story behind
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